Suffolk County Girls Soccer Coaches Association

2017 S.C.G.S.C.A. Award Dinner

The dinner this year will be held on MONDAY November 20th at the Hyatt Windwatch in Hauppauge.  

All coaches should arrive by 6:30 p.m. with ALL MONEY for tickets ordered.  

See Jessica Kulesa when you arrive to pay and get your tickets.  

At that time you will be given that nights' Awards Programs for all of your guests.  More information to follow.

1. Everyone must pay to go to the dinner.  Collect all monies and finalize your schools total numbers by November 8th.

2.  Call your league rep with your total number from your school by November 9th.

3.  League Reps must call Greg Shepanski with the total numbers from your league by November 10th.

4.  When you come to the dinner on November 19th, please arrive by 6:30 to turn in all monies to Jessica Kulesa.

5.  If you need to change any numbers last minute, you must call Greg Shepanski directly with the changes before November 12th.

6.  If possible no school P.O.'s , a receipt will be available the night of the dinner.  THANK YOU.